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Searching for statement pieces that will bring you a little closer to your favorite Final Fantasy characters? From discreet jewelry to gorgeous watches, express your style with original Square Enix Jewelry.


Square Enix’s popular characters inspire elegant accessories for men and women. From simple silver necklaces and fashionable charms to stylish limited-edition watches, you can finally add the missing touches to your outfit.


Our laser-engraved, unique Final Fantasy watches are the perfect accessories for Final Fantasy VII fans.


If you are looking for a more elegant look, why not wear Tifa’s signature teardrop silver earrings? These Final Fantasy earrings are a must-have for a complete look. Throw in a Final Fantasy necklace and bracelet, and you’ll have a complete set.


We also have some fantastic NieR jewelry that is subtle enough for daily wear for our loving fans. This way, you can always carry something of your beloved characters close to your heart.


Our Square Enix jewelry makes for an excellent gift for a birthday or an anniversary, or just as a way to say “I know how much you love this universe.” Nothing makes us prouder than seeing our fans wearing these items.